Company Overview

Aukua Systems, Inc. is an Austin, TX based company providing test & validation solutions for the new and upcoming multi-gigabit Ethernet (2.5G/5.0G) rates used in WiFi Access as well as Enterprise Networking, Server and Storage markets.

Aukua’s Ethernet testing & trouble shooting solutions are intended to be used by Engineers involved in developing, testing, validating or deploying Ethernet solutions including 2.5Gbps, 5.0Gbps, 10Gbps (including 10GBase-T) rates.

Traffic Generator, Inline Analyzer and Network Impairment Emulator

The MGA2510 Traffic Generator supports Bit Error Rate (BER) testing, throughput testing, precise latency measurement analysis and impairment jamming.

The MGA2510 Inline Analyzer connects transparently inline in the network or test-bed helping our customers detect and resolve complex issues, capture traffic or analyze throughput and error conditions in real-time.

The MGA2510 Network Impairment Emulator connects inline in the test-bed helping our customers recreate network delay and impairments, in the lab, for more realistic performance testing.

Support for Automotive Ethernet

Traffic Generator, Inline Analyzer and Network Delay & Impairment Emulator are supported for 100 / 1000Mbps over single pair (IEEE 802.3bw / IEEE 802.3bp).