ferdinand-schuber-120pxFerdinand Schuber is the owner of FSTC and established the company in 2006. Before starting his own company he was responsible for different sales organisation at Siemens, Tektronix and netTC. For all of this companies he covered the area central Europe.
He is now responsible for all the sales activities – national and international. He is taking responsibility for direct sales activities as well as building up new sales channels on global base. He is the first central point of contact and analyse customer needs together with his team.
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Tel.: +43 2235 47917 210
E-mail: f.schuber@fstc.at

werner-dorrer-120px0Werner Dorrer started 2010 at FSTC. Before he was responsible for a Software Development at Siemens. Starting at Fixed Network Communication he moved to VoIP- and Multimedia-applications. Coming from product line-based development he is now responsible for customer projects in the area of monitoring systems. For different Operators inside Austria he is responsible for project management, installation, onside and first level support. These monitoring systems are covering Fixed Network Communication and Mobil Communication for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Furthermore he is managing Test Automation project in central Europa – mainly in Germany. Test systems for Mobile Network 2G, 3G and 4G and wireless network verifying network and device functionality are the fields of his activities.

Tel.: +43 2235 47917 211
E-mail: w.dorrer@fstc.at

Rosmarie-Leitner-120pxRosmarie Schuber joined the team of FSTC in 2011. Before start working at FSTC she was working in the healthcare industry in different roles. She is taking care about all the in house activities as well as shipment and office organisation.
Tel.: +43 2235 47917 212
Email: r.schuber@fstc.at